My Story

In 1998, my sister-in-law (and best friend) Santa was diagnosed with breast cancer.  It was devastating because we had been sharing our lives together since we were seventeen years old and we were so close.  To be told that you have breast cancer really “hits you in the gut like a sledge hammer”.  Together with her loving family (including myself), she courageously fought this disease for over five years.  I was with her throughout every step of her journey.


Throughout my sister-in-law’s battle, I would relentlessly do research and look up any products or methods that would make her journey more comfortable and the chemotherapy easier to tolerate.  We would always pack a lunch, bring a water bottle and head off to chemo. To watch Santa fight was both heartbreaking and inspirational, as she had everything to live for.  She was a “tough act to follow”. 

But follow I did.  To my horror, only three short months after she passed away, I was diagnosed with breast cancer myself.  I had not even gotten over the loss of Santa when my own fight had begun.  As I was going through my own battle with breast cancer, I saw the need for a single source where I could go to find all the

essentials that would make my journey bearable. The one thing I kept remembering was how cold I would get when the chemicals were pouring through my veins, and that all the blankets at the clinic were scratchy and not very warm or cuddly.  It was then that I thought: what a good idea to have a chemo blanket all your own to wrap yourself up in with warmth and love to give yourself the strength and courage to get through your journey.  This was the experience that inspired me to start ChemoSentials.  

When you are going through so much so very quickly, you need to make choices fast and you don’t know where to turn. Along with every other possible product, book, DVD and CD to ease your journey, I want you to have all your needs available in one trip to my website instead of searching endlessly for help when you can spend this time healing. 

I sincerely hope that you find all the essentials you want or need to comfort and help you through your journey.  Take comfort in knowing that I have been there too and you are never alone.