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At ChemoSentials, we offer the essentials you will need to begin your chemo journey.  These products are just the beginning.  Our commitment is to provide many of the products you should need to be comfortable, relaxed, and at ease, all at one convenient website!

During chemo you need to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.  Our BPA-free water bottles will provide the convenience to do so.  Our imprinted fleece blanket, with Doreen’s original motivational poem, will wrap you in warmth and encouragement.

We also offer inspirational & informational books, as well as CDs and MP3s to help give you wisdom during your treatment.  Mouth care and body care items are also available, which will help ease some of the side effects of Chemo.  Also, our lunch bags and totes are excellent for carrying food items, blankets, books, and any other supplies you will need while undergoing Chemo.

These are just part of the many essential products we offer to make your treatment as easy and comfortable as it can be.

We want you to know that you are not alone!!!  We want our products to help you focus on yourself.  We want you to be strong.  We want you to be prepared.  Our resources will help you get the information, understanding and support you need about your diagnosis and treatment.

We believe that being informed and having the right essential products for your journey will give you everything you need to be empowered in the process of Healing.

Our goal is to provide the means to give you comfort, knowledge and compassion to get through this.